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STATA Door Lock Clutch

Key Features

  • Model: Door Lock Clutch
  • STATA Smart App
  • Password and RFID Card
  • Generate Guest OTP
  • Fringerprint

Introducing the STATA Door Lock Clutch, a comprehensive home security solution designed to provide maximum protection and convenience. Crafted from durable aluminum and zinc alloy, this robust lock ensures unparalleled security against any potential intrusion. With six versatile options for door access, tailored to suit your preferences, you can effortlessly enter your premises using various methods:

1. Password Entry: Set a secure password for quick and convenient access.
2. RFID Card Access: Utilize RFID cards for effortless entry.
3. Fingerprint Recognition: Benefit from advanced fingerprint scanning technology for swift and accurate access.
4. StataLife App Integration: Seamlessly control your door lock remotely via the intuitive StataLife mobile application.
5. Guest OTP: Generate one-time passwords for guest entry, ensuring temporary access as needed.
6. Classic Key: Traditional keys provide a reliable backup option for accessing your home.

Key Features:
– Strong Construction: Made from high-quality aluminum and zinc alloy for superior durability and resistance against attacks.
– Versatile Access Options: Choose from six convenient methods for unlocking your door, catering to your specific needs.
– Remote Control: Manage your door lock from anywhere in the world through the StataLife app, enabling you to check the lock status, authorize guest entry, and receive notifications.
– Peace of Mind: Enjoy both security and convenience at your fingertips with the STATA Door Lock Clutch, ensuring you have complete control over your home’s access.

With the STATA Door Lock Clutch, you can rest assured knowing your home is protected by a state-of-the-art security system that prioritizes both safety and ease of use.


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